Our Founder

Dr. S.S. Bhutada senior ENT & General Surgeon and occupational Health Specialist was the founder, managing trustee and head of the institution. He was the chairman of Dr. Ramazini Research Institute of Occupational Health Services. He also acted the chairman of institution of occupational health services concerned with environmental pollution assessment and control by protective & preventive methods for impact for health. He also worked as a Sr. member of International Commission of occupational health in 1980 and established pioneering research work on impact of pollution in respiratory tract & other parts of the body. Rehabilitation Council of India selected him as a member of core-committee for assessment & accreditation an institute of hearing impairment in 1999. He also became President of various associations, Medical Association and All India’s president of Indian Association of Occupational Health in 1985-86. He worked as a resource person for WHO on industrial toxicology in 1991, 1993 & 1999. He has received many National & International Awards.